School-Family Partnerships as a Tool for Equity

Studies have shown that parental involvement in education is one of the most important factors contributing to student success in school, regardless of socioeconomic status (Fraser, Garg, 2014). Yet, low-income parents are statistically less involved in their children’s education than other demographics (Raftery et. al, 2012). Many people write-off low-income parents’ perceived lack of support… Continue reading School-Family Partnerships as a Tool for Equity


Purpose of Education: Equity and Societal Transformation

In the United States, the public education system has constructed and systematically widened the wedge between students privileged and unprivileged, and thus, the state has left the victims of the system increasingly unprepared to function in and to benefit society. Even those who receive a privileged American education may still be ill-equipped to thrive in… Continue reading Purpose of Education: Equity and Societal Transformation